Tristan + Avalon = Killerwatts

Tristan and Avalon are two heavyweight Psytrance masters who combined forces in 2010 to form Killerwatts.  Between them they have headlined most of the major Psychedelic festivals and clubs across the globe with their solo acts and now Killerwatts is joining the ranks. With two top charting albums under its belt, ‘Edge Of Time’ and ‘Blow Your Mind’ (which was also remixed by the very best artists in the scene to create ‘Blow Your Mind -The Remixes), as well as several successful collaborations, they have a live set that rivals the very best; with their awesome UK Psychedelic Full-On sound that never fails to set the dance floor on fire.

What started as a side-project of two legendary Psytrance producers, Killerwatts is now a fully-fledged phenomenon in its own right that stands shoulder to shoulder with the biggest names and is now constantly touring the world spreading its unique brand of Killerwatts Power.