Open Air Psychedelic Music and Arts Festival
20.06.2018 – 24.06.2018
North Evia, Vasilika, Greece

We would like to welcome you back to the 2nd edition of
Revision Festival.
We can assume that if you’re already here, is
probably because you are as excited as we are about the
next edition!
Your comments, and suggestions from the past year edition have been taken into consideration and we have put our effort into improving even more for Revision 2018, so you can expect additional changes and surprises in order to present you something even more special than last year.
Without going into too much detail now, we can promise:
⦁5 Days and 4 Nights of Proper, Top quality Underground Music
featuring some of the best Producers and DJs from
around the world.
⦁Void sound system
⦁Stunning Visuals
⦁Mesmerizing Deco Installations
You all know what that means and if you don’t make sure you come and check it out.
We will be located in a cozy farm surrounded by trees, beautiful nature and shade, with build-up restaurant, bar, toilets and showers, only 10 minutes walking distance from the beach.
Our vision is not about expanding our numbers but investing in the quality and content, so tickets will be limited to 1500.

⁕ AEGOLIUS (Banyan/Digital Shiva Power Records)

⁕ ALIEN TRANCESISTOR (Vantara Vichitra Records)

⁕ ANTONYMOUS (Sonic Loom Music)

⁕ ARCHAIC (Parvati Records)

⁕ ATRIOHM (Parvati Records)

⁕ BALLIOU (Harmonia Records)

⁕ BIOPHOTONS (Urban Antitode Records)

⁕ BUBBLEGUNS (Digital Shiva Power Records)

⁕ CENTAURO (Ixapunktata/Psynon Records)

⁕ CONFO (Parvati Records)

⁕ DAKSINAMURTI (Sangoma Records)

⁕ DINA&SHEV (Digital Shiva Power Records)

⁕ DOC (Harmonia Records)

⁕ DRIP DROP (Harmonia Records)

⁕ DRURY NEVIL (Sonic Loom Music)

⁕ EUNOIA (Harmonia Records)

⁕ EVP (Wildthings Records)

⁕ FAGIN’S REJECT (Wildthings Records)

⁕ FOG (Looney Moon/Peak Records)

⁕ FREEDU (Digital Nature/Insonitus Records)

⁕ GIUSEPPE (Parvati Records)

⁕ HARMONIC REBEL (Ixapunktata /Psynon Records)

⁕ HU GADAM (Banyan Records)

⁕ ISIS (Psygressive Future)

⁕ ISOMETRIC (GloOm Music/Catar Records)

⁕ KIMMEI (Banyan Records)

⁕ MADIANBRAINS (Vantara Vichitra Records)

⁕ MANVANTARA (Digital Shiva Power Records)

⁕ MAREK (Looney Moon Experiment)

⁕ MEANDER (Uxmal Records)

⁕ NAIMA (Sangoma Records)

⁕ OPEN MIND (Gloom Music)

⁕ ORDO AB CHAO (Sonic Loom Music)

⁕ ORESTIS (Sonic Loom Music)

⁕ QUADRAPHONIC (Sonic Loom Music)

⁕ RASTALIENS (BooM! Records)

⁕ REALITY GRID (Wildthings Records)

⁕ RITUALTOOL (Harmonia Records)

⁕ SEB (Digital Shiva Power Records)

⁕ SIMIANTICS (Peak Records)

⁕ SONER (Digital Yonkis Records)

⁕ SOUTHWILD (Wildthings Records)

⁕ TADAYAN (Digital Shiva Power Records)

⁕ TEO (Discovalley Records)

⁕ TROMO (Sonic Loom Music)

⁕ VLASTUR (Parvati Records)

⁕ WHITE WIZARD (Digital Shiva Power Records)

⁕ WINGMAN (Maharetta Records)

⁕ YANN (Harmonia Records)

⁕ ZIK (Sonic Loom Music)

⁕ ZIKORE (Sonic Loom Music)

⁕ ZZBING (Woodog Records)

Ambassadors list:

◖ Greece:
⦁ Athens – Odysseas: 6988628557
⦁ Thessaloniki – Fanis: 6987068754
⦁ Xanthi-Κomotini-Kavala- Yannis: 6945086300
⦁ Crete – Nikos: 6942649553
⦁ Cyprus – Giannos: 96778357

◖ Germany
⦁ Berlin – Thanasis: 017685411819 ✉
⦁ Hamburg – Marko: +4917647110085 ✉

◖ Sweden
⦁ Stockholm – Aris: +46761956156 ✉

◖Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland
⦁ Ire: +420778010686 ✉

◖ Netherlands
⦁ Amsterdam – Billy: 0626381603 ✉

◖ Austria
⦁ Innsbruck – Roman: +43 660 153 1500

◖ Spain
⦁ Barcelona – Michael: +34627032926

⦁ Torino – Yuri:+393392117979 ✉

◖ Denmark
⦁ Ebeltoft, East Jutland – Kamma: +45 26780023

◖ Russia
⦁ Moscow – Maria:+79035049391 ✉

⦁ Dina: +38970620320 ✉

⦁ Belgrade – Ivana:+381644433474

More ambassadors will be added soon, so stay tuned. .

◖Info for the tickets, help & questions /Πληροφορίες εισιτηρίων:
? 00306977564808

Limited 1500 tickets
1st : From 08/10 Until 26/11, or until sold out for 200 tickets, 65€
2nd : From 27/11 Until 28/01, or until sold out for 300 tickets, 75€
3rd : From 29/01 Until 31/03, or until sold out for 400 tickets, 85€
4th : From 01/04 Until 15/06, or until sold out for 600 tickets, 95€
At the gate:If Available 110€

⦁The tickets bought in pre-sale will be sent by e-mail, you’ll have to print it and show it at the festival entrance, at the ticket office, with a valid document (ID, Passport). The tickets are nominal:
To purchase the ticket you will need to provide your personal data.
⦁In case one of the phases sells out we immediately start with next phase.

How to get here:

Revision Festival is located ➮North Euboea,Vasilika 34200,Greece.
Location Lat: 38.980159 , Location Long: 23.355147

✈️By plane:
Greece has many international airports airports, but the most convenient will be Athens or Thessaloniki.

?By car:
Enter the coordinates shown above or write down Euboea, Vasilika on your GPS device. A few kilometers before you arrive there will be signs to guide you to the festival site.

? Shuttle-Bus:
●Book your Bus-Ticket from Athens directly to the Festival’s venue (forth and back) for the price of 35€.
Departure dates from Athens airport towards the festival are:
⦁On the 19th June at 16:00
⦁On the 20th June at 13:00
Return date from the festival towards Athens airport is:
⦁On the 24th June at 16:00
The duration is approximately 3 hours.
⁕Every seat must be paid in advance. For more info and bookings you can contact your local ambassador or

●Kλείστε Θέση για Λεωφορείο από Αθήνα για το Φεστιβάλ με επιστροφή με κόστος 35€.
Αναχώρηση από αεροδρόμιο Αθηνών στις:
⦁19 Ιουνίου στις 16:00
⦁20 Ιουνίου στις 13:00
Επιστροφή από το φεστιβάλ προς το αεροδρόμιο στις:
⦁24 Ιουνίου στις 16:00
Οι κρατήσεις πρέπει να προπληρώνονται.Για πληροφορίες και κρατήσεις επικοινωνήστε με τον Ambassador της περιοχής σας ή μαζί μας:

⦁From Thessaloniki directly to the Festival’s venue (forth and back) for the price of 65€. Departure and return is from and to Thessaloniki airport. The duration is approximately 5 hours.
More info about the time and schedule will be annouced soon.

⬖Public transport:


? Train
From Athens airport, pick the train with destination «S.K.A platforms» and from there you pick the train to “Chalkida” (every 2 hours) after you reach the Chalkida you take the bus line “Chalkida- Vasilika” (every day at 14.30)
⦁From Athens airport, you pick the bus line “X93” with destination «Ktel Liosion Station» (Address: Liosion 260). From Liosion Station, every 30 minutes departs the bus line with route: “Athens -Chalkida”. Again from Chalkida you take another bus with route: “Chalkida Vasilika” (Every day at 14:30, so in order to be on time for the last bus you’ll have to take the bus Athens -Chalkida at 13:00 the latest)
⦁From «Ktel Liosion Station» you can to pick the line: “Athens-Istiaia” and after you reach Istiaia you take a taxi from Istiaia to Vasilika. (Approx. 20 minutes driving)

? From Thessaloniki airport, you pick the bus line “78” with destination «Ktel Macedonia Station». From there departs the bus line with route: “Thessaloniki – Istiaia” and after you reach Istiaia you take a taxi from Istiaia to Vasilika. (Approx. 20 minutes driving).

We have a lot to announce about this year’s Revision Festival, so stay tuned, but most of all get ready to Revise! See you soon!