Magik is considered by many as ‘THE’ new talent on the UK psy scene.

As a modern electronic music enthusiast always searching for new sounds, Magik’s sets stand out amongst the fray with uniquely handmade cuts and specially crafted edits. His sound is fresh with new age cutting edge production.

Growing up with a music loving family and being fed all kinds off beats, opened Magik’s mind to different sounds from a young age. As a teenager his love for rock and punk rock pushed him to study guitar and keyboard. At 17 he started partying at all the right places and hearing music that melted his mind as he got sucked into the sounds of psytrance. Soon after this discovery he started Djing and then went on to study Audio Technology and learned the craft of production.

His first release on Nano Records was the track ‘Wonderizer’ a collaboration with his friend Tristan, followed by more collabs with Tristan; ‘Blueshaft’ and the party monster ‘High Grade’ which reached the top 10 psytrance tracks on Beatport.

Having already collaborated with Tristan, Dickster, Alpha Portal (Astrix & Ace Ventura), and more requests coming in daily from massively established acts, and the constant support by some of the biggest names of the scene including Avalon, Laughing Buddha, Regan, Dj Lucas and more, it is clear that Magik has something special.

Fresh tracks and collaborstions are on the way, as is his debut album, so stay tuned to see what Magik pulls out of his hat!