I have always been again flags on dancefloor, i hate that! The total hypocrisy of saying We Are One and at the same time waving national flags.

Also now in this tragedy of war, as for all previous wars, i say: No to war and No to flags! For me waving a flag, any flag, it means to support the governments play: to divide us and put us, the people, against each other so they can control us and exploit us more and with us our Beautiful planet Earth.

I say NO to any nationalism. To wave a flag it is no help, it only show division, it fuel the cancer of nationalism. Help can be given in many other ways, concrete ways with some peaceful actions, for example supporting and donating to organizations who work for PEACE around the world or even more actively in going to work in humanitarian organizations.

Posting a flag helps to divide, helps the governments play: means i am different from you, i support this country against this other one. I say NO, we are all the same and we are being fooled since ages. I want to support People, not countries. Countries, borders, are made to divide us, are made to enslave us and gain on us big time.

I believe that People, us, from everywhere on planet Earth, want to live in peace, to enjoy life with our families and friends, but the governments have other plans for us. It is nothing new, history repeat itself and so it is up to us to brake this evil circle, saying NO to this politic of dividing, NO to any war, NO to any army, NO to weapons.
I believe that if all of us, normal people, would engage wherever we live in active peacefull protests, refusing our governments politics of division and wars, then we will have a chance.

To give PEACE a chance is possible, i believe is not happening by waving a flag and at same time supporting governments politics about sending more weapons on war theatres. No.

I am suffering for so much death and distruction, i am close in spirit to all the people suffering from wars, people…humans made of flesh and blood, just like me… the same for everybody, people, not citizen of this or that country.

Giusi Capopepito (Giuseppe parvati)