Up next on Iono-Music we have a very special collection of tracks from Iono artist One Function.

“Essentials” is 18 specially chosen tracks to represent the cream of the crop within One Functions’ massive catalogue of releases. Each track is unique in the tale it tells but united in its quality. Crystal clear production, banging beats and bubbling bass lines are majestically layered with soaring sounds, ethereal vocals and mystical melodies.

This album contains the hugely successful track “The Message”, the remix bomb – of Infected Mushroom and Yahels’ track “Electro Panic”, the haunting yet divine song “Yantra” and the epic sacred sounds of  “Are You Experienced”.

This is a mighty, tenacious, treasured compilation of musical delights that is nourishing fuel for your mind, body and soul.

Listen & Download: https://ionomusic.fanlink.to/OneFunction-Essentials