DownUnder Productions & Atman Tribe

bring in town the Vibes of the Legendary Atman Festival from Sri Lanka…
Coconus, Crocodiles, monkeys,leopards & JUNGLE VIBES is on the Menu…
Do Not forget your Sunglasses

Atman festival is a tribal gathering that stems from an international organization with the objective of developing a new musical dimension within the tropical paradise known as SRI LANKA, alongside focused efforts on charity aid and eco-sustaiable projects that improve livelihoods…
A whole week of art,music and performances feature spirits from all over the world that share unique experience bringing together the pleasures in discovering a new different reality…
Atman represents thw collective consciousness bringing us together underlining our while empowering the communities that surround us

—— LINE UP ——

AZTEC DOSAGE Atman Tribe It Live

Aztec Dosage is a unique musical project founded by Daniel Melegari.
Born in 1981, North Italy. Daniel has always shown a deep interest in creating music.
After learning how to play guitar, he discovered electronic music and fell in love with digital world. He started using Cubase64 in 1988 producing simple rhythms with an old Atari 250.
He then created his first musical project: ‘Atmosphere’ in 2005 on Solarsiv Records who released his first track ‘Rapunzel’.
During the last few years Daniel has expanded his musical horizons by creating his project ‘Aztec Dosage’ and started exploring and producing his own dark Psy and hi-tech sounds.
Ever since he is been playing in a lot of international festivals and of course Goa.
Co-producing and releasing music with many international artists, even creating new music projects collaboration such as Weirdos/ Spacejam/ Space Invaders.
For the past 6 years Daniel has also been part of/organizer of Atman Festival’s Tribe in Srilanka.

ANTONYMOUS Sonic Loom Records Gr Live

Antonymous is an artist from Athens, Greece.
He took his first steps in studying music at an early age in a private conservatory,
where he took piano lessons and practiced with different harmonium keyboards.

Around 2000, psytrance caught his attention and after many years of following the scene,
playing DJ sets and experimenting his own ideas in various genres, the project was born.

His first tracks as well as his debut EP “The Ascending Path” were released by Sonic Loom Music.

Since then he has performed in many festivals all over the world such MoDem, Freqs of Nature,
Earth Dance & Ritual and has released tracks with major labels of the scene.

In the meantime together with Tromo they have created the side project Quadraphonic.

Antonymous is constantly exploring the psychedelic sound which aims to take the listener
on a journey where body n’ mind will follow and his currently working on releasing his personal Album.

CONFO Parvati Records Gr Live

Confo is Thanasis Confortini, based in Athens,Greece.

I am born in 1987 near Athens from an italian/greek family of music’s teachers so I started very early, around 6 years old, to study music theory and classic violin at the National Conservatory of Music in Athens.

Psychedelic Trance music and parties became part of my life also at a very young age when I started to collect music and play as a DJ in local parties of the underground psychedelic Greek scenevery quickly I felt addicted to this music and lifestyle so I begun to believe in the dream of being a musician in this life and in 2007 i started my own music production project…
2 years after, in 2009, I decided to meet the scene at its roots so i went to Goa and also to travel through Mama India It was for me a very special trip and somehow the confirmation of the dream…

In 2013, after some years of djing for dancefloors in Goa and Europe and with hours and hours of work with the frequencies in the studio, my project Confo was signed by Giuseppe and the Parvati Records Family. Here I released Kosmos, my very first released track ever and it was right with the 1st Parvati Records Digital EP: Digitally Yours.
In february 2015 i released my first EP: No Intro, presenting 3 tracks given out as Digital Gift/Free Download and for which i got a lot of positive feedback from people and dancefloors around the world.

With my music I try to create deep funky atmospheres, crystal sounds and always focusing onthe dancing !

I might play in my Live performances myelectric violin to make the dancefloors more romantic and melting on the sounds that come out from the king of the instruments!

If i am not travelling the world I am normally always working in the studio and planning lots of new releases and new projects for the future !

So stay tuned, stay Confo

NAGUAL Medula Oblognata Records Gr DJ set

Behind Nagual project is Pantelis , born November ’77 in Athens, Greece.
His first influence with psychedelic sounds comes around in early 90’s. After he started making his own outdoor private parties.In 2005 he joins Scientific Sequence team(Denmark), and participates in Middle Earth Festival there . At his return, he continues playing DJ sets in Athens outdoors festivals in Vavylwnia B fest( 2009)and Legalize Fest(2011 ), but also in private mystical gatherings like the ones in Crete,Olympus mountain and Samothraki island. In 2010 he joins Discovalley Records DJ roster. In 2012 some of his gigs include the Parvati party in Athens along with Onkel Dunkel,Papiyan and System Overload., in 2011 Tangra festival(Bulgary).2012 Space Camp Gathering(Russia).2013 Hidden Space Village(Russia).Medulla Oblongata 10th Anniversary(Poland) and 2017 Swischenraum(Berlin).After more than 20 years in the scene and been member of respected labels such as Discovalley records,Real Vision music,Mighty Quinn records,Medulla Oblongata and Banyan records,he seems more than ready to travel the audience with unique forest and dark 2012 he started making his own tunes.As he says music is something very strong to say in few words and music is just a way of life for him after all these years.The important thing is to have experiences by meeting people with same vision and aspect for is culture and not money.Some of the artists he shared decks are dark elf,looney,fractal error,drury nevil,orestis,tromo,antonymous,confo,fullface,arjuna,zoon,magic seeds,already maged,goch,attoya,captain kirk,jahbo,zoolog,papiyan,system overload,onkel dunkel,encephalopaticys,saikozaurus,shivattva,taigan sunset,derango smuds flipkompagnet,jairam,atriohm,noise bug,gnohm,mussy moody,m3dra,namroll,derango,troglodytes,aegolious,procs,loke,phil & rami.

PREASTERSON (DownUnder / RefleXion)
( Parasomnia Music) Gr DJ set

Preasterson is Konstantinos Pappas, based in Athens,

After years of collecting, all kind of music, dancing at festivals more than a decade and performing as a dj for his friends, at indoor & outdoor free parties and clubs, now, he is trying to express himself through creating his own musical journey!
Born in Athens 1982 , started his music production experiments in 2011 with a variety of electronic styles and speeds. Already released tracks on different labels, still trying to find his exact sound and prepare his Debut e.p.
His sets vary from Zenonesque, Dark/Forest Progressive to Forest/Darkish & Psychedelic, creating a groove that you can’t resist.

Listen, Connect, Support, Enjoy … & c u on the dancefloor.

DownUnder / RefleXion
Parasomnia Music
Dark Frog


Intestinal Brain is the solo project of Gregory Iliadis from the capital city of Greece/Athens. The project kicked off in 2013 after a passion to express his musical views. Drawing influence from many forms of music and combining an eclectic taste with passion for minimal psychedelic trance, Intestinal Brain sound lies somewhere between dark-tech and progressive forest. While reflecting a mysterious deep style, his music is also a unique and original sound collage of organic fx, epic motives, black atmospheres and creative synthesis.

✔ Damage: 10e
✔ DOORS OPEN: 23.45
✔ DOORS CLOSE: 09.00

► No illegal substances will be tolerated, respect the hospitality of the venue and help us to protect our scene.
Stay Tuned…