BoomBlastiX Psychedelic Open Air vol.7
Saturday 8 June 2019


To open nicely the Summer Season, we are planning a big Free Open Air Party in Athens!!
Our 7th event under the name BoomBlastix
Line Up:
Dark Elf (Sonic Loom rec)
Sishiva (Lycantrop rec)
DJ Set
Diansis (Lycantrop/Black Out rec)
DJ Set
Kokobloko (Future Tribe Office)
DJ Set
Makumba (Future Tribe Office)
DJ Set
Iraklis Mindphaser (Natural High,V.V.)
DJ Set
El Mahico (Plug In)
DJ Set
Kal El (Psyzone)
DJ Set
Dark Elf
Solo psy-trance project of Dimitri, greek/french electronic music producer since 2003, now residing in Athens, with numerous releases and a full length album at Discovalley Records!
Pioneer project of the genre, worldwide recognized through musical presence and appearances globally.
Co-founder of The Sonic Loom Collective, and an active member in Vlastur’s band, on the psydub and electro-dub side.
New Collaborations include Ampswamp a project duo with Lunarave/Angry Luna.
SiShiva / Diansis
Sissy Danou, born in Athens, is one of the rare female psychedelic trance producers in Greece.
She always had a passion for music. Her first contact being at the age of 9, when she started guitar & flute lessons. At the age of 14, she started listening to electronic music, focusing on trance. She turned out to be one of the lucky ones, born with the ultimate ear, and was able to recognize music notes effortlessly.
In 2009 she attend S.A.E. Studies of Audio Engineering and realized that this is what she always wanted to be!
Now she has 2 projects Sishiva & Diansis.
Sishiva Project is focused mostly on forest dark sounds. Her sound is imaginative, organic, and next level psychedelic.
Diansis style is unique, Fast Hi-tech Electronic Dance music, with Psychedelic Experiments.
Modern classical orchestrate influences sounds are mixed with virtual and analog modular synthesizers.
She mixes her tracks in high quality studios on analogue consoles as Allen & Health and SSL, using Neve converters, compressors and more.
Now Sissy works as a sound engineer and audio supervisor in S.A.E Athens, she also gives private courses in music production. And by night she blasts dance floors into the realm of the psychedelic. Brace yourself.
Kokobloko / Makumba
Mario Sounoglou is the Mind behind Kokobloko, Darkshire and Makumba Projects. He was born in Athens, Greece on 21st December 1984 and lives currently in Athens. Mario holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Computer Animation from University of Kent, UK.
Mario discovered Psychedelic Trance in the early 2000s, after attending various Music Festivals. He made his first steps in Music Production at the age of 20. In August 2004, Mario met Viktor Zolotarenko during one of his live performances in Athens and was influenced by his music style. A year later he released his first single with Zolod Parasense/Terminator on Vertigo Records.
New Releases followed in Labels such as Discovalley Records, Tantrumm, Manic Dragon, Drop Out Productions, Mighty Quinn, Trishula and Foot Stomping Records. In 2006, Mario teamed up with his friend Gregorio Materia Increada/GR and started experimenting on the Kokobloko Project, on which he continues solo two years later.
In 2009, his debut album “Darkshire & Amigos – Break Down” was published on Helicon Sound System and was followed by the split album “Distorted Shire” in collaboration with Nelsun/Mind Distortion System on Lycantrop Records.
Meanwhile collaborations appeared with Kolya Furious/Crazy Astronaut in Crazy Astronaut Renegade on Osom Music and with Fareji Jalebi on Parvati Records. In 2010, he expose more music on Labels such as Pukkawallah Records (Japan), Lycantrop Records, Deviant Force Records (Germany).
Iraklis Mindphaser
Iraklis started djing in 1991 playing breakbeat and techno from vinyl records in small Athens parties. In 1992 he played at his first big party,Special Grooves of DJs(800 people open air party). In 1994 he created his first party team,called Rave Crew,with whom he organised a number of parties. By the end of 1996,after finishing a sound engineering school,he started working for Floorfiller Productions in the production department.Apart from the valuable knowledge he gained,he also had the opportunity to play with famous dj’s like Paul Oakenfold,Sasha,Nick Warren,Alex Neri(Planetfunk),Dave Ralph etc. In 1998 he started Mindphaser Music Trips,from which he got his nickname. Since 2000 he has been resident dj and the main organiser of 300+ Natural High events,which have been an opportunity for both famous like Infected Mushroom,Juno Reactor,Hallucinogen,Etnica,Ajja,Raja Ram,Skazi,Total Eclipse, Parasense,Talamasca,Orion,Joti,Electric Universe,LunaRave,KoxBox,M.W.N.N. + more….
His musical style is Psychedelic Trance/Progressive/Breakbeat and technically he mixes beat to beat.
El Mahico (Plug In)
El mahico was born in Athens Greece.In 2005 he moved to Amsterdam and start organising parties under the project name Pandora’s Box.After his comeback to Greece he is participating as organiser and as a resident dj for Utopic Reality.Now he is resident dj for Amorphia team.Known for powerful, twisted Dj sets focusing on pure psy trance & his journey’s have seen him play along side artists such as Logic Bomb,Electric Universe,Man With No Name,U-Recken,Dino Psaras,Audiomatic,Bitkit,Sonic Species,Skazi,Joti Sidhu,Zen Mechanics,Killerwatts,Serge,Edoardo,Liftshift,Absolum,Talamasca, Ajja,Yab-Yum,Djane-Gaby,Arjuna,Laughing Buddha,Tristan,Aphid Moon,Digicult,Azax Syndrome,Ace Ventura,Ephedrix,Avalon,Moaiact,Space Tribe,Headroom,Terranoise,Kindzadza,Frankie-Kox Box,Dick trevor,Ital,Burn in Noise,Scorb,Pragmatix,Psymmetrix,Atriohm and others.
His music can vary between night psy and morning psy, passing from 143 to 148 bpm, all the while filled with melodic and organic sounds and he played along with the biggest acts of the psychedelic scene.. A single name defines his style: PSYTRANCE. .
Respect the team and artist for their effort to make this happen.
Keep the Place clean.
Volunteers are welcome for exchange of free drinks.
Venue: National Technical University Of Athens, Zografou, Athens, Greece
Πολυτεχιούπολη Αθηνών, Ζωγράφου, Εϊσοδος απο Κατεχάκη με κατεύθυνση προς τη κεντρική πλατεία με το Ξύλινο.
Full Bar with beers, Special Cocktails and water.
Support the artist and the team.