Out next in Iono Music, we have the debut album from Alurian called “Echoes from Eternity“.

After almost 2 years in the making, the “Echoes from Eternity” was brought into reality and Alurian’s
devotion to music really shines! It has plethora of meticulously produced tracks, keeping
the old school fans satiated and happy whilst bringing in fresh new development to satisfy
the sonic needs of new music lovers.

We believe this album has it all: it’s rich, musical, trippy, tasty, full of strength,
and most important of all – melodic.

He reached out to the Infinite combining the past and the future with his perfect blend
of nostalgic melodies and grooves that’s been long forgotten, so this album could manifest
its sonic delicacy into existence, straight to your ears and soul!

RELEASE DATE 2022-10-28
LABEL Iono Music