Spiros Wom

Spiros Wom is the founder of “Amorphia” events organization, “World Is Mine Records” & “Partylab” in Greece. Was label Dj for Phantasm Records for the restart ofthe label on 2012, and now working closely with Antu records & the Chilean family as label Dj. The historical team Amorphia started organizing parties in 1994 and made a powerful comeback, after a long break on 2010.
Since then, Spiros has organized & played over 200 parties in Greece and has also performed in many festivals & Party like Tree of Life (Turkey), Transahara (Morocco), Vortex (South Africa), Aurora Festival (Greece), Free Earth Festival (Greece), Shanti Mind Festival (Turkey), Zagoa Festival (Morocco) Exodus fest(Cyprus) Hilltop (Goa,India) Shiva Valley (Goa,India) and others. Free Earth Festival one of his newest org, was an outstanding gathering of psytrance souls at a mythical place in Greece, Ancient Olympia.
He has played along various artists like Braincell, Kim, Lucas, Outsiders, Koxbox, Tristan, Dick Trevor, Ajja, Braincell, Earthling, Electric Universe, Zen Mechanics, Ace Ventura, U-Recken, Dino Psaras, Tsuyoshi, Paul Van Dyke, Max Etnica, Goa Gil, Transwave, Absolum, Lost & found, Djantrix and others.
His dj sets are powerful – night time – full on – psychedelic trance taking you to another level!
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