Mandala – Choose Love EP (Nano Records)

RELEASE DATE 2018-04-23
LABEL Nano Records
As a testament to the belief that choosing love above all and beautiful things will follow, Mandala launches into 2018 with a double header showcasing two sides to his story.
Track one, ‘Beautiful Things’ is an epic soul splash, a tribute to the understanding of the metamorphosis of Goa trance into the present day Psychedelic scene. Anthemic and tweaked out melodies reach for the cosmos in what will surely be one of the biggest dance floor moments of this year!
On the flip side, ‘Lotus Focus’ takes us on euphoric riff-laden journey across open oceans to the best underground dancefloors, packed full of surprising twists and turns, which unfold the layers of the mind…much like the Lotus itself.
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