JOSH  (Antu Records – Chile)

Gabriel Donoso A.K.A. JOSH (Chile) start In 2006 producing music under the name of JOSH LIVE! and now is one of the projects with more potential in Chile, playing every week in Clubs And Outdoor Parties. Creator with Ital (Daniel Carcur) and Telepatic (Tomas Schippaccasse) of ANTU RECORDS. Label which made more than 30 releases in Beatport EP between 2009 and 2011 and several Albums such as sacred elements, Ital Spiritual Vibes, Across the Andes, Higher Source, Freaking on High and more. In his career he has shared the stage with artists such as: Ital, Telepatic, Dick Trevor, Astral Projection, Vinnix, Mental Broadcast, Atomic Pulse, Tristan, Laughing Buddha, Crystall, Cosmotech, Penta, Moaiact, Psykovsky, Logica and many more… Currently seeks to expand the music to the globe and he, as Live and Art Director, still working with great artists such as Dj Vinnix , Dj Zaguini (Respect), Mental Broadcast (24/7), Edu (2012 – Respect), Ital (Antu Records), Ovnimoon (Iono-Ovnimoon Records) in Music & psychedelic Artworks.

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