Freaky Hitech Night Party
Saturday 9 February 2019

MetaHuman is a multidimensional being who wanders million and millions of light years
through universes of the inner and outer time-space with one mission to accomplish;
to protect all the planets of the known and unknown cosmos from their self destruction.
Using his collective memory and experience as a music form, he tries to gather all
the intergalactic spiritual powers into one pure positive energy to spread creation, willpower, unity and self respect.
In the real world, my name is Kostas Kotsoris, born and live in Greece.
I produce a kind of psychedelic-experimental trance music (or name it as you like….no hard feelings)
under the artist name “MetaHuman”.
Everyday that passes, i’m trying to improve and evolute my sound and music through persistence experimentations and hard work.
At this stage,my music consists of fast beats,groovy basslines,complex and glitched-short circuited frequencies
combined with a touch of melodic elements and an essence of oldschool revival !
*Soundcloud page :
Σιδηροκαστρου & Αμφιπολεως 1,Βοτανικος, 11855 Αθήνα