Eternity   is an energetic and ingenious Greek artist who lets his inspiration flow in anything he touches. Except of a dj and a producer he has a leading role in one of the biggest psychedelic communities in Greece and overseas. He also spends a lot of his creativity in the aerography & design arts.Born in Athens in 1989,Nick grew up wandering in every psychedelic corner he found in his free time whilst learning,working and expanding his creativity. He absorbs his influence from numerous artistic scenes and he is experimenting in all kinds of psychedelic vibes. He had been the opening act of many influential and core names of the trance scene.Although he enjoyed djing and putting the pieces together to create a pleasing journey in numerous parties & festivals,in 2011 he felt in love with music producing. Since then he participated in many cooperative and solitary projects releasing more of his energy in the art of the psychedelic.

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