● 2012 – 2022 ●
10 years anniversary
Halkidiki Dance Festival 2022

After a long break, in the summer of 2022 we are finally able to create another world together with you for a few days of dancing!!
Come live an astonishing experience amid the magnificent landscape of Hellas, where the outstanding audio, décor and lighting production will coalesce with remarkable talent for an unforgettable event that will invigorate, inspire and soothes the mind, body and soul of all of us each One!!
See you on the dancefloor

Halkidiki Dance Festival 2022 Official Lineup:

● Astrix (Israel) www.facebook.com/Astrix.Official
● Ajja (Switzerland) www.facebook.com/ajjamusic/
● Avalon (United Kingdom) www.facebook.com/avaleon
● Liquid Soul (Switzerland) www.facebook.com/liquidsouliboga
● Hi Profile (Hellas) www.facebook.com/HiProfileGR
● Ticon (Sweden) www.facebook.com/ticonmusic
● Burn In Noise (Brazil) www.facebook.com/burninnoise
● Morten Granau (Denmark) www.facebook.com/MortenGranau
● Dickster (United Kingdom) www.facebook.com/dj.dicktrevor
● Altruism (Brazil) www.facebook.com/altruismlive
● Zyce (Serbia) www.facebook.com/ZyceMusic
● Sajanka (Israel) www.facebook.com/SajankaMusic
● Technical Hitch (Israel) www.facebook.com/technicalhitchworld
● Maramba (Brazil) www.facebook.com/livemaramba
● Kindzadza (Russia) www.facebook.com/OsomKdd
● Outsiders (Israel) www.facebook.com/outsidersofficial
● Orestis (Hellas) www.facebook.com/0restis
● ZikOre (Hellas) www.facebook.com/ZikOre
● Atmos (Sweden) www.facebook.com/atmostrance
● Killatk (Brazil) www.facebook.com/killatk
● Gotalien (Italy) www.facebook.com/gotalienmusic/
● Symbolic (Israel) www.facebook.com/symbolicmusic
● LunaRave Ovni Rec (France) www.facebook.com/lunarave.ovni
● Dj Thatha (Brazil) www.facebook.com/altruismlive
● Djantrix (Skopje) www.facebook.com/DjDjantrix
● Mindbenderz (Germany) www.facebook.com/mindbenderziono
● Inner Coma (Portugal) www.facebook.com/innercomamusic
● Djane PsyNoNima (Spain) www.facebook.com/DjanePsyNoNima/
● Kaikkialla (Belgium) www.facebook.com/vincentkaikkialla/
● Fungus Funk (Russia) www.facebook.com/fungusfunkmusic
● AthzirA (Guatemala) www.facebook.com/athziraMusic
● Pantomiman (Russia) www.facebook.com/Pantomiman
● Dark Whisper (Italy) www.facebook.com/DarkWhisper.Music
● Zik (Hellas) www.facebook.com/ZIK.world
● Paul Karma (Hellas) www.facebook.com/Paul-Karma-1513072555589870/
● Ogoun (Brazil-Italy) www.facebook.com/Ogoun.Music
● Z-Cat (Russia) www.facebook.com/z.cat.music
● Dj Schrittmacher (Germany) www.facebook.com/schrittmacher
● Makida (Serbia) www.facebook.com/Makida.Live
● e-Mov (Hellas) www.facebook.com/emovproject
● Cosmo (Slovakia) www.facebook.com/cosmonoisepoison
● AngrY LunA (France) www.facebook.com/angry.lunarave
● Antinomy (Israel) www.facebook.com/AntinomyMusic
● Virtuanoise (Italy) www.facebook.com/Virtuanoise
● Necropsycho (Brazil) www.facebook.com/necropsycho1111
● Tzolkin Project (Mexico) www.facebook.com/TzolkinProjectOvniRecords
● Crone (Hellas) www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063841740481
● Atrus (Hellas) www.facebook.com/forestmanitu/
● Gesh (Chile) www.facebook.com/gesh.haggen
● Shove (Mexico) www.facebook.com/shove28/
● Inner State (Hellas) www.facebook.com/InnerState/
● Astro-D (Hellas) www.facebook.com/AstroDPage
● Fobi (Skopje) www.facebook.com/FobiOfficialPage
● Dayana (Spain) www.facebook.com/lorellla.lorellla
● Sun (Hellas) www.facebook.com/suninspiredmusic/
● Pragmatix (Argentina) www.facebook.com/pragmatixmusic
● Kiinsaj Ovni (Mexico) www.facebook.com/KiisajOvni
● Heterogenesis (Argentina) www.facebook.com/heterogenesis
● Djane Elela (Germany) www.facebook.com/djane-Elela-1553297358253633
● Soner Ovni-Shamans (Hellas) www.facebook.com/Soner-Ovni-Shamans-1781163002186222/
● Djane Nilla (Germany) www.facebook.com/niloufar.la
● Barakuda (USA) www.facebook.com/BarakudaPsyTribe
● Dj Doc (Hellas) www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100058296236659
● Dj Pandemia (Mexico) www.facebook.com/pandemiatrance/
● Wingman (Hellas) www.facebook.com/wingman.Harmonia
● AbsolutZero (Hellas) www.facebook.com/AbsolutzeroParanoiaProjectLandmark
● BrainDrain (Hellas) www.facebook.com/DjBrainDrain
● DJ Ange (Hellas) www.facebook.com/angegekas
● XDimension (Hellas) www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100034951944774

The Opening Ceremony is courtesy of
Isabella Fabbri (Italy)

The Projection Mapping / Visual Mapping / Led Psychedelic Visuals is courtesy of
Visual Artist VJ VACÃO (Brazil)

The Decoration is courtesy of
Mimesis – Psychedelic Art (Spain)

The photography is courtesy of
Yonatan Benaksas (Israel)

Halkidiki Dance Festival 2022 will provide to you organized buses that will take you to the festival site:

From Athens to Festival site
From Thessaloniki center to Festival site
From Thessaloniki airport to Festival site

Locations of the Festival:
Entrance Tickets
Info Point
Secure & Friendly Kids playground
Free Camping site
Private parking
Pet caretakers
Food Restaurants
Main Bar
Healing area
Yoga sessions
Chill Out area
Artistic shops
WC & Toilets
First Aid

Powerful Funktion One Sound System

Contact us via e-mail: halkidikidancefestival@gmail.com
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