Beautiful people!!!

Now is the time to come together for the great awakening.
Now is the time to give birth to a new earth.
Far away from dystopia, very close to utopia,we will be together, for seven days, to co-create Eutopia.
Yogis, healers, artists, meditators, doers and dreamers of the new earth, will be there, to introduce you and support you cross the gateless gate of the 5th dimension existence reality.

In a Peaceful natural space, with hearts full of Love, we will unveil the Unity of our souls,
with respect, humility, and acceptance to the uniqueness of each of one of us.. beautiful souls.
Chill music atmosphere, by the healing river, with our beautiful tribe’s collective energy hug, we will transform, purify our energy, open our hearts to be ready to dance and celebrate our freedom and life.
We are those who you have been waiting for.
Let’s come together!!!

P.S: We feel the need to try, with your help to maintain the ecological character of the space and ask you to bring your own water bucket, cutlery and plate, for your meals, as well as camping equipment (sleeping bag, tent or whatever other you need) for your stay.

Tickets supply:
Only for February 90€

Ticket price at the gate: 140€
(500 limited tickets