Alexander BlosS0m was born in Athens, Greece in 1980.

At the age of 14 got involved in various metal – rock groups as a bass guitar player.

After two years h

e started to explore the world of electronic-psychedelic music.

In 1999 was his first touch as a dj.

After a long absence in 2010 started to play music in public places, bars , clubs , outdoor events & festivals.

in 2012 joins D.P.S Production team,

and until now they continue the music journey together.. He has played along various artists like Zyce,Flegma,Middle Mode, Imaginarium, Faders, Helber Gun,Yar Zaa, Symbolic, Lyctum ,Bitkit, E-mov, Tropical Bleyage,Ascent, and others.

…To BE ContiNuED….

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