Bionix vs IKØN – Terra Incognita ( Iono Music )

RELEASE DATE 2018-04-26

LABEL Iono Music

Iono Music are proud and excited to welcome Bionix & Icøn to the label. This incredibly talented duo have cooked up a cauldron of delights on their hard hitting two track single – ‘Terra Incognita’.

The title track ‘Terra Incongnita’ is the tougher of the two tracks – fuelled by a ferociously forceful and driving bassline. On top of this rests a banquet of alien squelches and squishes, metallic stabs and eerie whispers – drawing you into an epic climax!
‘Psylosophy’ is driven by deep bass lines, haunting leads, angelic whispers and divine melodies – this curiously creative sound pallet of resonances & reverberations – is a treat for the mind, body and soul. A truly magical slice of spiritual trance which will propel you into an uplifting crescendo of utopia – built on a stunning soundscape of delights and catapulting you towards the heavens and beyond!

Altogether this release is simply killer and an irresistible must have package!