The psychedelic trance group “Growling Mad Scientists” are based in Ibiza, Spain and regularly
tours the world.
G.M.S. began when “Riktam” and “Bansi” met in high school at age 14 in Amsterdam. Both
were passionate about electronic music and the duo chose to leave school and seek their
education in the club scene. Even though they were too young to legally enter a nightclub,
Riktam and Bansi began spinning at clubs in Amsterdam. On most occasions, they had to be
whisked into the building’s side door to avoid scrutiny by the authorities. Amsterdam’s club/rave
scene was in its infancy In the early 90’s and genres like gabber dominated the fledgling culture.
Two years later, Riktam and Bansi traveled to Goa and experienced a musical epiphany. It was
in Goa, India they started playing goa trance. While there, Riktam and Bansi deejayed at some
of the wildest, most memorable parties of their young lives. After returning to Amsterdam, one of
their friends had purchased some recording equipment. They started their production career
and named themselves G.M.S. In 1997, they moved to Ibiza, Spain and in 2000, Riktam and
Bansi formed Spun Records with partner Seth Hoffman.
Josef Quinteros (Bansi) passed away on 19/06/2018 and GMS has become the solo project of
Shajahan Matkin (Riktam) since then.


G.M.S (Growling Mad Scientists)
CHRONOSPHERE (Digital om rec)


RAINBOW (The Alchemists)
EL MAHICO & SECTOR (Free Spirit Rec | The Alchemists)
ALEXAND3R (Alfios Gathering)
MONDY (The Alchemists)

Powerful Sound System
Special Full Colours Laser Show
UV Decoration by : Alexand3r
Performance by : Frantic Freaks Productions
Photography by : Labis La
Artwork by : Jimacido
Venue : Lido Stage (zoodoxou pigis 3 & Akadimias Athens)
Friendly Security & Friendly Bar Prices

Τιμή Εισόδου 20€

Απαγορεύεται η είσοδος με εμφανίσεις και διακριτικά αθλητικών ομάδων και η είσοδος σε ανήλικους.
Επιβάλλεται η κόσμια συμπεριφορά, για το καλό όλων μας. Η διοργάνωση έχει το δικαίωμα να απομακρύνει άτομα με βίαιη συμπεριφορά και όσους δε σέβονται τους γύρω τους, ώστε να προστατέψει την ομαλή διεξαγωγή της εκδήλωσης!
No illegal substances will be tolerated, respect the hospitality of the venue and help us to protect our scene.
Management reserves right to refuse admission. Age Limit 18+l Calling